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  With the economic meltdown forcing companies across the country to rethink their future hiring plans, your current resume and the way you use it may no longer be serving your needs。


  If youre making any of these four mistakes, it might be time to sharpen your resume or your approach。


  1. Lack of Focus


  The first step in a successful job search begins with identifying your goals. Clarify specifically what you want in your next job or career including your next job title. Ive heard countless job seekers say, "Ill take anything" or "Im open," when asked what kind of job theyre seeking. The candidate wholl take anything, ends up with nothing。


  Look at your resume. What is your objective? Avoid either failing to state your objective or listing several objectives. Either extreme can work against you as youll appear unfocused, uncommitted or unqualified. While many of us wear many hats throughout our careers, its best to focus on only one hat, or specific job title, for the resume. Employers today tend to look more for talented players who understand and specialize in a niche rather than those who are more general in nature。


  So ask the questions, "Whats my niche, specialty?" "What special problem do I solve?" This might be one specific job title. If so, then highlight that and drop the laundry list of "qualifications."


  2. Ignoring the Most Important Question


  Most resumes fail to answer the employers question, "Whats in it for me?" Employers have a problem, not a job. That problem almost always revolves around money in some way. So, look for ways that you can show them a return on their investment. Since most resumes only receive about 20 seconds of actual read time, you have to answer this question quickly. A good way to accomplish this is by including a concise Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that distinguishes you from your competitors. This USP is a single sentence that describes three important things:


  * Who you are

  * Your biggest strength

  * Your primary benefit, which should be measurable




  Your USP describes what you bring to the employer. Every employee either makes money or saves money for an employer. Determine how you bring value in either or both of these ways. The best branding statements usually incorporate figures in dollars or percentages of money, or time that was gained or saved over a certain period。


  3. Selling Skills, Length of Service


  Skills are just a commodity. Leave behind that old mindset that your job-related skills or length of service are selling factors. The new mindset is to view yourself as a mini profit-and-loss center rather than just an employee. Employers today buy results and are less impressed when a candidate promotes a laundry list of skills. Instead, define the many ways your past and present job performances are assets to your next employer。


  How are you an asset to a companys balance sheet? Once again, focus on how your work either helps a company make or save money. Think beyond your skill sets and job duties and list every possible example of how you accomplish this。


  For example, youre a video photographer recording and editing weddings and special events. You take the extra step of performing all of your post-production work before submitting your final results. Your extra effort has saved your employer several hundred hours of additional work。


  This translates into potentially thousands of dollars that you saved the employer. This is just the sort of achievement that must be on your resume. When you can, try to monetize, or put a dollar value on your achievements。


  By including several specific achievements where youve helped your employer make or save money (or time), you separate yourself from your competitors and quickly gain the attention of your reader。


  4. Sending Resumes Indiscriminately


  Once you have a great resume, its just as important how you use it. Most job seekers blast their resume to job boards and websites posted openings. In fact, there are some services that exist to do just that for a fee. But is this the best way to approach it?


  Referencing the current economic crisis, Neil McNulty, principal recruiter of McNulty Management Group, states, "Now, more than ever, job seekers need to change their mindset from looking for openings to looking for opportunities ... and opportunities are borne out of crisis and chaos, and exist even in the worst economy."

  谈到现在的金融危机,招聘高管Neil McNulty说,“现在比以往任何时期都需要求职者转变观点,从满天撒网转变到寻找‘机会’,危机和混乱不会影响机会,即使是经济最坏的时候机会也依然存在。”

  This means that you, as a job seeker, must look beyond job postings and move into marketing yourself to the managers of the companies and organizations who are experiencing problems that you can solve. This can be tough at first because it means doing extra research and actually calling people who you dont know and developing conversations with them. Its those conversations, though, that will win the referrals, the interviews, and the next job for you, especially when you have a great resume to back that conversation up。


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